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with striking impact!

Forget low-code, no code, and those big standard providers. Your software plan can reach the quality you have in mind. You do need scalable custom software for this. As a strategic software partner, we help you make a striking impact. How do we get that done? Read on and get to know us if you are excited.

Brilliant user experience

Custom software often has smart features compared to standard packages. Of course, users should not notice the complexity, even for milliseconds. That is why we are committed to have impressive user experience and graphic design. We leave nothing to chance, because we test everything. This way you can play directly at the top level.

Lightning fast lines

The Dutch from our Coding Company stands for our direct attitude. And we also expect that direct attitude the other way around. In addition to a trusted point of contact, you therefore always communicate with the specialist himself. From ux designer to software developer. Curious who is eager to work with you? Meet your potential team digitally.

Meet the team

Boosting strategic ambitions

No matter how well-thought-out plans are, the reality always turns out to be different. That is why we develop lean & agile. In other words: we set up a solid foundation as quickly as possible, and then only build what your users really think is necessary. Based on your vision for the future, we ensure that innovative functions and links for later releases can go live without any worries. This way you make striking impact version after version at an increasing pace.

Dutch Coding Company team

Do we fit in with your beautiful plan?

Got energy from our way of working? Cool! You are welcome to get acquainted. From a short orientation meeting to insight into what information is needed for an hour estimate, we help with what is needed without obligation. You can then choose at your own pace.

Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company

Glenn Bergmans

Founder & Business Director

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