Design sprint

Do you have an idea for a web application or app and do you want to validate your concept? With a Design Sprint you quickly know whether your app meets the needs of its users.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint: fast and effective development method

Want fast results? Do a Design Sprint and go from initial idea to digital product in just one week. The Design Sprint is a Design Thinking method from Google Ventures that allows you to validate (digital) products at lightning speed. In just 5 days you explore solutions, develop a prototype and have the product tested by users who represent your target audience.

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What is the Design Sprint Method?

How does the Design Sprint work? The Design Sprint method takes 5 days. Every day a new Design Thinking part is covered. Afterwards you will know what is needed for a successful launch of your digital product.

Day 1: Understanding the problem

The first day of the Design Sprint is about sharing knowledge and understanding the problem. What problem do you want to solve with your digital product? Together with you we start by analyzing this problem. We determine the 5 whys, complete the roadmap and stakeholder map, and tighten this up with an employee happiness research. To conclude, we identify the best opportunities (problems for which we expect to find a valuable solution) and setting priorities.

Day 2: Visualizing solutions

On day two of the Design Sprint we investigate the solutions. After a brief investigation into how other organizations approach the issue, we determine the Do's and the Don'ts. We elaborate the ideas that arise from this in user flows (the journey of the app users) to get a clear picture of possible solutions. At the end of day 2 we will invite users who represent your target group to participate in a test.

Day 3: Making decisions

To keep up the pace, we make a prototype of one of the ideas. On day 3 of the Design Sprint, we present all ideas from the previous day. It is up to you with which idea you want to proceed. Once you have decided, we will visualize the Customer Journey. This gives you a clear insight into the experiences of customers when interacting with your digital product. It shows which usability issues users encounter and what needs to be improved to create an optimal user experience.

Day 4: Prototype development

Based on the Customer Journey and a visual elaboration, we make a proposal for the user interface. On day 4 of the Design Sprint, we will present the user interface designs to you and discuss whether they meet your wishes. Is it what you had in mind? Then we will make the designs interactive, by using our prototype tools. This way you can experience the Customer Journey yourself and get a clear picture of what the final app will look like.

In the meantime, we will start with the preparations of the user tests. We determine which questions to ask and who will conduct the interviews. 

Day 5: Testing with actual users

On day 5 of the Design Sprint we are going to test the prototype. We invite potential users to participate in a user test and conduct interviews with at least 5 participants. This way we get a good picture of their experiences. We make notes of our observations and list the positives and negatives. Based on these results, we determine the next steps and draw up a development quotation that suits your ambitions and budget.

Is a Design Sprint right for me?

You know which direction you want to go, but you do not yet know which functionalities are needed and what should the product design look like? Then a Design Sprint is the right method for you. In the Design Sprint you can quickly explore possible solutions and immediately validate them with users. Do you already know which functionalities are needed? Skip the exploration phase and start by developing a prototype of your app. With your prototype rapidly realized, you still can test with users and, if necessary, optimize your digital product.

Want to develop a new product? Explore your chances in the digital world? By following the Design Sprint method you avoid spending a lot of time and energy into an application with little chance of success. In just 5 days you will know whether your idea for an app has added value.

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