WATT's up?

Glad you found our f*cking ingenious apps in WATT magazine!

We are Dutch Coding Company. We make just about anything digital. Mainly smooth web systems and multi-platform apps, but we're not afraid to take a little detour once in a while 😉. See here an Augmented Reality bolt that our colleague Dimitar has created especially for all WATT readers!

WATT magazine

Dutch Coding who...?

Dutch Coding Company! We are the party you are looking for if you want to achieve a goal in the digital field. Are you looking for a partner who can think along strategically as well as technically and who can also realize this together with you? Then you've come to the right place. High quality and fast switching is important to us: after all, we want fast and good results.

Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company
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