User interface design

Most people think design is just making things look pretty. Well... it is not! Great design makes it easier for your customers to use your product, attracts the right people to your brand and tells your story in seconds. Our user interface (UI) design experts work day-to-day on creating the most beautiful digital products.

User interface design

What is user interface design?

User interface design is often abbreviated as UI design. UI design is focused on making things beautiful and attractive for your users. This can be your app, your website, or a different digital product. How the design should look like depends on your product, brand and users. This goes beyond selecting photos and shapes to make things visually attractive. The goal of UI design is to make the user's interaction as nice and efficient as possible.

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User interface design depends on your brand

We make our design fit your brand. We like to create a 'wow-factor' within the guidelines of you brand. Sometimes this is done in the details, like the shape of a button or the size of the typography, in other cases expressive colours and large shapes might be a perfect fit. This all depends on your brand. Are you more of a pioneer? A very modern design can be good. Are you an established, trustworthy brand? A more simplistic yet stylish design might be a better fit.

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User interface design depends on your users

Great design can be created by anticipating on what users might need to do to perform a task and ensuring that the interface elements are logical, easy-to-use and accessible. Therefore UI design requires good understanding of your users' needs. There are several methods to obtain more understanding of your users, like user research, design sprints and usability testing. Feel free to consult with our experts about what might be needed for your product before we start with the design.

Case: career portal for university

How can we optimally facilitate students to prepare for their future career during their studies? Challenge accepted! After a number of sessions with stakeholders, we designed a community portal. On this portal, students can register for relevant events and training courses, build their own profile and connect with the valuable alumni network.

Case: UI Design for Gripp App

The enterprise software Gripp is an all-in-one package in which SMEs can keep track of their business processes. Gripp asked us: How can we create a more efficient workflow for the user. Together with the customer we analyzed the problem, which resulted in a Wireframe, a blueprint for a mobile application. We translated the Wireframes into a functional app, with a look-and-feel matching Gripp’s corporate identity.

Case: design for tailored clothing app

For a tailor who was moving into digital we designed a fresh user interface for the prototype of their app. The design was very modern yet showed the maturity and trustworthiness of their brand. With the design, the prototype could be validated through user testing in order to gather quick feedback.

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