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Custom made software platform

A personal digital healthcare environment in which you can keep and share medical information? A user-friendly platform that can process millions of products in only a few seconds? An intelligent scalable database where art professionals can collaborate in science, research, publications and arbitration? Sounds like you are looking for a way to send messages online, link IT systems or integrate data in one place. We develop custom scalable cloud platforms in which processes are automated and you can better serve your target group.

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Platform & portal development

We are specialized in powerful cloud portals, community apps and platforms for online messages, documents and data integration. Stable, modular and easy to expand. We build scalable cloud platforms to automate processes and serve your target group even better. 

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Custom API’s

In addition to developing apps, portals and platforms, we also establish connections with the customer’s existing third party application. We have experience in making connections with well-known systems such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, but can also create custom APIs that can be used by your application.

Binh Duong
Hi I'm Binh. IT Sales Consultant at Dutch Coding Company
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