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Portfolio 2023

Work we're proud of

In the past year we have again worked hard for the coolest customers. We highlight some of our projects in our Portfolio of 2023. Download it here and get inspiration for your new software project!

Get an accurate quote with the right input

What if you could estimate in advance what kind of input is needed? That saves a lot of energy. Think of the checklist as a way to say 'Oh yes! I can also add that' as a trigger. Not sure if an item is worth the energy to seek out? Feel free to ask us (without obligation) for our insights.

Whitepaper 'Prioritizing for a minimum viable product'

How do you quickly get feedback on your MVP?

The goal of your first launched product is to get feedback as quickly as possible. This feedback is important in order to be able to take the most important next steps. Are you getting enough feedback on the first version of your software?

'Design sprint: fast-forward into the future'

A 'tangible' idea and a glimpse into the future?

Design Sprints make ideas tangible in no time and give you a glimpse into the future. Get real customer insights early in the process, instead of spending time and budget on a direction that may not be the right one.

Open Source_  A strategy for quality

Lower costs and better quality software

Most of the code we write for clients remains completely secret. Yet some of the largest software systems in the world run on source code that is not only publicly available, but also free to use for your own projects. Why would they do that and what benefits do they gain?

Portfolio 2021

Looking for inspiration?

Extensive portfolio filled with cool software projects with striking impact! View our 2021 edition now.

App development canvas

Determine your users and make sure your app connects with them

The App Development Canvas provides insight into your concept for a mobile or web application. This way you can easily check whether your idea provides the right added value and matches the expectations of your target group.

Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company

Glenn Bergmans

Founder & Business Director

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