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Create more peace in your finances with Sofie!

The question

Sofie is there for anyone who wants to follow their dreams and want more peace of mind about their finances. With the Sofie app you can easily discover goals, make piggy banks for them and save for them faster in a fun way! To do this, they looked for a suitable development partner who could help them with the development of the app from start to finish.

Our answer

A nice user experience above all. By starting with a design process, we mapped out the ideal user flow. We translated that into a tentative design. We then started development. The most important functionalities first. We have worked towards a simple but stable app that we can develop further to realize Sofie's dreams. We developed a piggy bank app for Sofie, an independent financial organization. To get more clarity about where your money is going, and to ensure that you can save for specific goals.
Mobile app

A fintech app, completely tailor-made

For mijn Sofie, a financial organization, we developed an app in which you can easily set your savings goals. By means of this app you can - at an independent organization - make piggy banks for expenditure items where you want your money to flow. Would you like to put money aside for a new kitchen, but are you unable to? Then create a piggy bank and simply put your money aside.

My Sofie, an app for financial peace of mind
Flutter app developent

Multiplatform app met Flutter

Like almost all our apps, we also developed the Mijn Sofie app in Flutter. A multi-platform codebase with which you can directly develop an app for both Android and iOS.

Developing apps with Flutter not only saves time and costs, but also provides a more universal User Experience on iOS and Android. In addition, we can develop new functionalities faster and more efficiently in this way.

Flutter app development

In Dutch Coding Company we have found a great partner who can help us with the start of Sofie. Together we form a team. That is special. They are innovative, flexible, have the start-up mentality and ensure that our app fits our target group completely. With that they help you arrange your finances with a twinkle in your eyes!

Astrid - Founder of Sofie
Astrid Bruinsma-Eggink

Founder Sofie

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