Autoscriber supports the medical professional by automating a large part of the administrative actions.

The question

Autoscriber is a brand new startup from Eindhoven that relieves medical professionals by simplifying administrative actions in the electronic patient file (EHR). By automatically documenting intake conversations with patients using artificial intelligence (AI), the doctor has more time and attention for the patient himself during the conversation and asking the right questions. The question to us: create an app that listens in on the conversation, and streams the audio directly to the AI.

Our answer

We have developed a very simple app in Flutter for doctors, resulting in recording the conversation at the touch of a button and sending it to Autoscriber. Autoscriber then converts the conversation into medical notes and automatically extracts the correct results from the conversation with the help of their own AI. Of course it is important that the medical data remains safe, so the app was founded with extra attention to the certain data.

Direct connect through AI

The app asks for permission to record the conversation. the intent is to establish a direct connection to the AI ​​module in Autoscriber's cloud The conversation is streamed to the AI ​​in real time in crystal clear quality, resulting in the AI ​​being able to get to work live and take the notes for the doctors . This allows the practitioner to immediately start working with the notes.

Connect AI

Simple interface

We want to relieve doctors, so the app should be as simple as possible. With one button to start and stop the recording with the app, there is really no further explanation. Of course, it's also important that the app works 100% transparently, so we clearly show when the app is recording and when the microphone is turned off. We also prevent the start of even the identity of the doctor and patient to prevent data from ending up in the case.



The security of medical data is of course of paramount importance to be able to trust the app. All audio is sent to the servers via an encrypted connection, so that no unwanted outsiders can listen in. In addition, the app does not store any audio data at all: all data is processed and stored on the servers. If a doctor reports his/her telephone, this does not result in any data breach. This way we keep the intake private.


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