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Algorithmic planning: Alibi makes it happen

For Alibi, a challenger in the project planning market, We designed and developed an online planning tool that is driven by a clever algorithm. Read on to see what we developed for Alibi - and how we iterated from a web application to a mobile application within only one sprint.

The question

To reduce the work pressure on the workers of The Netherlands, Jochem, founder of Alibi, created an algorithm that is able to generate the ideal planning. The idea was already well thought-through, but for the technical realisation he needed a partner that could think along, both in User Experience and user Interface Design, but also the technical development of the application.

Our answer

For this project we took care of the User Experience Design, User Interface Design and App development. Together with Jochem and our UX-partner Less or More, we developed an application with a solid foundation within 6 months.

Well begun

To make a success out of Alibi, we've chosen to start with a solid User Experience (UX) phase. We believe that researching your users very well, testing your ideas and iterative development are at the core of a qualitatively outstanding application. During this phase, we've crafted wireframes, held interviews with potential users and went through various testing rounds to validate the components of the application as we envisioned them.

Iterative development

Not left half done

Our client desired to go to market as quickly as possible, in order to test and validate with real users. We chose to develop iteratively, and to make sure we had a version of the application live as soon as possible. No sooner said than done! In no-time we launched a web application - builtin Flutter web, that could be used by real users.

Multi platform app

Change of plans

Already in the first weeks it turned out that launching early was a great choice. The user-research indicated that people intended to use the application mainly in a desktop environment, but after we went to production it turned out that a lot of users were using the app via mobile browsers. And back to the drawing board we went, because mobile was not high on our priority list yet. Fortunately, we anticipated in the development process that we'd have to shift gears at some point, and so it happened. Within merely one sprint our development team turned the desktop application into a functional mobile variant with native performance.



We are live!

By now, the application is live, and we're still iterating to get to the best result. Together with Jochem, founder of Alibi, we keep on the lookout for improvements and we make sure that the app and the website that markets the app are continuously improved. A solid collaboration for a high quality product.

Do you want to give Alibi a try? Check out alibitoday.com or download the app from the app stores!

I'm tremendously grateful for the fruitful collaboration with Dutch Coding Company in the Alibi project. Together we proved that passion, expertise and teamwork are the key to achieving extraordinary results. We're continuously developing the app and are fine-tuning the for an even better user experience every week.

Jochem Mos - Founder Alibi
Jochem Mos

Founder Alibi

Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company

Glenn Bergmans

Founder & Business Director

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