Value proposition analysis

What makes your customers use (and keep using) your app? What issues do you want to solve with your app idea? Does your app idea meet the needs of your customers? Important to know before you start developing a (web) app. With a Value Proposition Analysis (VPA) you get answers to these questions and it provides insight into the added value of your digital product. Success guaranteed!

Value proposition analysis

Convert opportunities into goals

You know your target audience and are familiar with your market opportunities? Great! That's a good start. By analyzing the issue you want to solve, defining your target groups and identifying the pitfalls, we can help you make the most of these opportunities. Together we can convert your app ideas into a successful app.

Know the value of your app ideas in 3 sessions

We can find out the value of your app ideas in just 3 sessions of 3 hours. In these sessions we will 1) intensify your market, 2) investigate the competition and 3) identify value, opportunities and pitfalls.

1. Definition of the market & target group (macro analysis)

Make sure you know your user is and where their needs lie. What problems do they encounter, and do they benefit from your solution?

2. Competition research (meto analysis)

Maybe your potential users have already found a (partial) solution to their problem themselves. Make sure you respond to this by offering them an addition to or improvement. When you start realising your app ideas, have the functionality and its design tailored to the needs of the user. Meet, or even exceed the needs of your users and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Added value and pitfalls (pains and gains)

Does your target audience actually need your app? Are they already willing to invest in your app idea? By quickly developing a demo, you can adjust and improve at an early stage in the development process. This way you avoid high investment costs for a product that ultimately yields nothing.

Our Value Proposition Analysis sessions can be used in each stage of a business scope. Whether you are still in the concept phase or are already testing with a demo version, a good VPA will set your software process on the right track.

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