User research

What are the demands of potential users? Which issues do they encounter? How would you describe your potential user? Finding the answer to these questions is important if you want to develop a successful app, portal or platform. We are happy to help you with this! Our user research tools provide insight into what is needed to create a digital product with great UX design.

Clarify research goals

Great UX design starts by defining goals. What information about users do you want to collect? Which assumptions of your own do you want to confirm? Once we have established a clear research goal, we can determine which tool we can use to make an impact on potential app users.

'Thinking aloud' focus group

To find out how users experience your product, we use the "thinking aloud" method. We invite a group of representative users to our UX design sessions and ask them to be brutally honest about your product. With striking conversation starters we create discussion among the participants. By observing this, you will gain new insights into what users think of your product in just a few sessions.

Focus group

In-depth interviews with end users

In one-on-one sessions with end-users you elaborate on user experience. By having these in-depth conversations, we can gather more relevant information about optimizing personas, user flows and new features. In contrast to the joint user experiences of the focus user groups, in these private sessions you get more detailed information about the user experience of your digital product.

Determine your product potential

Knowledge is power! With a survey you can collect a lot of useful knowledge. If it is clear that an impact can be made, but not yet how big it will be, we will use surveys. We prepare questionnaires that we present to (potential) users. With the results of these questionnaires we can determine how big the impact of your product potential is.

Assumptions are inconclusive

Do not dwell on assumptions. If you don't understand your end-user, your digital product won't succeed. A digital innovation stands or falls with the ability to respond to customer needs. By immersing ourselves in the user, we can find out the pains and gains. This is how our UX designers create a digital product that really makes your customer tick.

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