Usability testing

Pff ... loading this app takes forever. Why can't I find this feature? OMG, why is this button not responding!? Sounds familiar? Frustrating isn't it! Only by testing you can get an UX design right. With usability testing we can analyze the pains (bad outcome), gains (good outcome) and users (customers) of the app. We can learn about the behavior, needs and expectations of its user and adjust the app accordingly. So this is how we ensure an optimal user experience.

Usability testing

What is usability testing?

Gathering feedback from users is relevant at any stage in the development process. By starting with usability tests on a first prototype, we can examine user experience at an early stage. This way we can improve the user flows and experience well before starting the development phase, and release a great UX design that seamlessly matches the needs of its users.

Usability testing: how to start?

We start with establishing a test objective and determine what functionalities need to be optimized. Has your product not been developed yet? Then we will perform the usability test on a low-fidelity prototype or wireframes. Together with you, we select participants for the test who represent the target group of the app, eg a potential customer or investor.

Usability testing: physical test with genuine users

Once we have selected the participants for the usability test, we can start! Participants are invited on location to test the app and share their experiences with us. One of our team members observes the reactions of participants and all results are collected in a pre-set script. We recommend you to live to be present at the usability test. Nothing is as enlightening as experiencing how users perceive your product.

Usability testing: the results

After the usability test session, we analyze the results and make a test report. In this report we describe the usability issues and give advice on what can be improved. If we agree on the improvements, our team of UX designers and developers can start optimizing your product.

High-end products, happy customers

With usability testing we can transform a purely functional product into a product that makes your customers tick. Sometimes one test day will do, sometimes a more extensive test is needed. Together with you we determine what is needed to optimize your product, tailored to your budget. If you want to make a striking impact with your digital product, usability testing is a must!

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