When launching a new product a strategic planning is essential. In our roadmapping session we can visualize your business objectives and product strategy. Bring your vision to life and get your employees, customers and investors on the same page more easily.

A visual strategy

A roadmap is more than a visual planning, it is a visual strategy. It provides insight into targets and intended results. Inspired by the Impact Mapping methodology, we start by defining the objectives in the roadmap template. We then examine what and who can contribute and what behavioral changes are required. This way we can determine what is needed for the realisation of your idea.

Essential features

Our roadmap defines your project scope and prevents feature creep. What does that mean? By setting a clear vision, creating clarity about the intended results and not adding endless new features (which ultimately yield nothing), we save a lot of time! This way we can guarantee a fast time-to-market for your app or platform.

Set and achieve project milestones

In our roadmapping sessions we define your project milestones. Instead of using feature checklists, we set clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to achieve this. Why? With a KPI results become measurable. This makes it easier to adjust your goals and achieve them faster. To give an example: without a set KPI the new feature provides only insight into the number of hours. But when a KPI is set, the new feature not only provides insight into the number of hours, but also where these hours were used. Knowing this will help you achieve better hourly returns and save both time and costs.

Strategic planning? Done!

By completing the roadmap template, your ideas will take shape. This makes it easier to communicate business objectives to your employees, customers and suppliers. The roadmap also shows what has priority: which activities can we postpone and with what should we get started right away? Now you can work effectively on improving your business objectives.

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