Minimal Viable Product in a month

With a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) you can validate the major assumptions in your business plan. With a MVP we are not building a full-fledged product, but a smart test. This way you avoid having a product developed for which customers are unwilling to pay. If you can launch this test within 30 days, chances are high that your product succeeds.

Minimal Viable Product

Must read: Lean Startup van Eric Ries

Since 2011 the MVP method has been the go-to method for launching innovative products. Many startups, SMEs and even big corporations set store by this method. MVP is based on the book “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. A must read for every modern entrepreneur! Companies like Google and Dropbox and many Silicon Valley investors and tech hubs speak highly of this book.

Leap of faith

Have faith in your idea. If you as an entrepreneur believe in your idea for a new software product, that is your superpower. Yet, there is one caveat: behind every idea lies an assumption, the so-called "Leap of Faith". So make sure you convert your assumptions into hard data. Facts that prove your gut feeling right. In a Minimal Viable Product we start by defining your Leap of Faith, so we can determine whether your software product will be a success.

Validate your gut feeling

"My gut feeling is always right" Cool! Maybe you are right. If you have a Minimal Viable Product made, then you know for sure. Plan a meeting to discuss your options. As experienced UI / UX designers we like to think along! Of course, completely without obligation.

Binh Duong
Hi I'm Binh. IT Sales Consultant at Dutch Coding Company
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Binh Duong

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