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Celebrate your digital success in five steps

Pop the champagne, because we make your goals a reality. You have an idea for your company, Dutch Coding Company has the experts with the right skills. Together with our innovative mindset and driven by a shared programming passion, we make digital products to which you celebrate your digital successes.

Whether it concerns the development of an app, web platform or other digital product: we are your technical partner in every phase of the project. We think with you about your idea, think about the best strategy and make a tailor-made plan of action. We divide the project into small steps so we remain flexible, launch quickly and immediately collect feedback from users. This way we always build the right product and make maximum impact.

Steps explained

Hit the ground running

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Kick-off day

During the kick-off day you will discuss your wishes, your plan and what you want to achieve. We formulate your concept as clearly as possible and determine what your goals and ambitions are. You will then receive a tailor-made plan of approach for the design & discovery phase.

Let's make it pop


Design Phase

When our noses are headed in the same direction, we move on to the design. Our user experience specialists first creates wireframes. This is the skeleton of your product that revolves around functionality. What screens are there and how do they work together? As soon as this is in place, we translate it into visual designs with your branding identity.

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Ready, sign, GO!

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Tailor-made plan

With us you will not receive a standard plan, but a tailor-made approach. To achieve digital successes, we work on the basis of recalculation with an estimate of the development time. This makes us flexible, we can make adjustments in between to make the application even better – and you know exactly where you stand.

Turn plans into reality


Development Phase

Time to create. Building your product is a step-by-step process and completely customized. We usually work in sprints of 2 to 3 weeks with a clear goal. Every sprint we deliver specific functionalities that works fully. After every sprint, we review the results and adjust when necessary.

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Get ready for the launch

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Successful launch

10, 9, 8... lift off! Your app or website is ready to go. Time to pop the bottle, cut the cake and fire the confetti shooter. You can count on a carefree go-live and support. We usually work with a minimum viable product (MVP); this allows us to quickly test live what the users think. Win-win for you.

Keep rockin'

Of course you want your product to continue to perform as well as possible. For this you have to solve possible problems and look ahead to new developments. Is your app or platform still completely up-to-date for all systems and can it handle new developments? It is especially important for the security of your data to continue to perform maintenance. We got you.

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Together we make striking impact

To be successful you have to work together. Everything we make comes from co-creation. You know your target group like no other, and we have the IT knowledge to make your wishes a reality. Together we make an impact and complement each other. We convert complex issues into understandable applications. For you, but especially for the end user. Our programmers simply do this at our office. No outsourcing to a distant country, but Eindhoven vibes with a beer afterwards.

Our services

Strategy & product design

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It starts with an idea. The sequel? We help you with that. Together we map out your wishes and translate them into a tailor-made plan. This way you know that you are receiving a product that works, is easy to use and suits you and your target group.


Web & app development

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We don't have a fixed recipe, but a tailor-made project. As a development agency, we have many years of experience with custom software. Whether you want a portal or an innovative app: no challenge is too crazy for us.


Managed services

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If your (web) application is up and running, you naturally want it to continue to work properly. That is why we offer 24/7 hosting service and support. Are there any complications or is there a new update? Don't panic, we are here for you. This way you can focus on what really matters: your business.


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