A strategy for the war for talent

Team 1 San Francisco Study Trip

This report is the result of the Team 1’s group assignment as part of the San Francisco Study Trip. Team 1 is composed of students from the EMBA22, EMBA23 and CR-EMBA23 cohorts. 

About the project

This assignment is based on an existing challenge of one of our team members who is the founder and current owner of Dutch coding company. Dutch Coding Company is a software agency, specialised in web platforms and mobile apps, with a strong focus on user experience. Their customers are active in a wide variety of sectors, including sports, health, (semi-)government, education, finance and legal. The digital products they create are usually customer facing and part of the revenue model of the customer.

As a group, we have performed an analysis of the problem statement and using the learnings from San Francisco Study Trip. Each of the team members has contributed equally to delivering the best set of recommendations. We have really enjoyed the study journey as well as the opportunity to translate our learnings into real-world application. 

Background and Problem Statement

Dutch Coding Company is a web and app agency in the creative heart of the Brainport Eindhoven region in The Netherlands. Founded 5 years ago by Glenn Bergmans, the company has now grown to a team of 15 professionals, mostly developers. Dutch Coding Company specialises in user friendly, well designed digital products for businesses that do not have software as their core business, including start-ups, SME, corporations and governments. Success is achieved by combining domain knowledge of their clients with the technical expertise of Dutch Coding Company. The purpose of Dutch Coding Company is to support their clients in developing high quality digital products. Their core values are in Appendix A.

In the agency business, competitive advantage is attained by having the right people and teams. Talent, therefore, is at the core of Dutch Coding Company’s strategy. To be attractive to the right talent, Dutch Coding Company has created a comprehensive growth strategy that relies on highly specialised and autonomous software boutiques in major cities all over the world. The idea is that providing both the responsibilities of working in a small start-up like team as well as the international working environment, creates the ultimate learning and growing conditions for high achiever talent.

Currently, Dutch Coding Company is small, but with the vision of international expansion must grow fast. To achieve that, the current talent management process needs to be overhauled in all areas, including employer branding and talent attraction, selection and attrition. Moreover, the current team needs to improve performance.

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