Pentesting by ethical hacker

In a Pentest, we check the security of your system or application in various ways, just like a hacker would. This gives you insight into the security risks of your organization.

Pentesting by ethical hacker

What is a Pentest?

With a Pentest (short for Penetration Testing) our Pentester tries to enter your system or application in various ways and uses the same methods as hackers will also use. By performing a pentest you gain insight into the safety of the system and potential risks are revealed.

We select the best ethical hackers. Because they have a great passion for computers, systems and security, they have the perfect combination of knowledge and practical experience.

Conducting a Pentest

When conducting a Pentest, our ethical hackers will get to work and will try to enter in different ways. Serious security vulnerabilities are reported immediately so that they are resolved as quickly as possible. We note other (potential) vulnerabilities in a report with recommendations. These recommendations are prioritized on risk and potential impact. We discuss the report, along with any follow-up steps.

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