Code review

Code review for security, performance and stability

Have a professional check on the quality of your code. We go through the source code of your software and check for security weaknesses, performance and stability. This gives you insight into the software and security risks of your organization.

Code review by ethical hacker

Code review by ethical hacker

During a code review, we go through the code of your software. Line by line. This is done by one of our ethical hackers together with experienced developers, who know the ins and outs of security and performance. In some cases we look at the code with several software experts so that we don't miss any weaknesses.

Code quality report

Code quality report

Security and performance issues we notice during the code review are collected in a code quality report. In this report, we make recommendations for improvements, in a way that is legible to management and clear to developers. These recommendations are ranked on risk and potential impact. We discuss the report, along with any follow-up steps.

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Binh Duong

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