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World of Content Online Portal_

The question

Thanks to years of experience in the product industry, the start-up World of Content found an untapped market: a user-friendly platform that combines a Product Information Management (PIM) system with advanced algorithms. It gives brand manufacturers and distributors full control over findability, conversion rates and product performance, and makes it easy to exchange data between internal and external stakeholders. World of Content challenged us: how can we set up a scalable system that swiftly processes millions of products?

Our answer

Online portal for the exchange of product information among distributors and retailers. User experience above all. A fully automated custom PIM system can accelerate time-to-market and prevent errors. State-of-the-art technology automatically generates product descriptions, assigns product categories, and selects product images. Combined with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, the job is done quickly and easily. Import 100,000 products? Done! In less than a second. There is no lack of ambition at this startup: we have therefore set up a hyper-scalable system, making it possible to grow with the company itself.
Dynamic Database

All-purpose and dynamic PIM portal

The PIM system is built to manage different types of content. New product formats can be easily added due to the dynamic structure of the database. This makes the system universally applicable for many different types of product information. A major technical challenge. To meet this challenge, a system architecture design was created before we started developing.

PIM portal development
Single-page Application

User friendly

Naturally, careful attention was given to the aesthetics of the user interface. The logo and identity of the full system were designed with the user experience (UX) in mind. The developers implemented these designs resulting in a stunning and functional piece of software. To ensure a swift and smooth user experience, extra attention was paid to certain elements such as use of "Single Page Application", which makes pages load super fast. Important information is easily found on the dashboard.

Single-page Application development

Designing a landing page: Quick and efficiently

Aside from designing and developing the portal, we offered support in online marketing. We designed a striking landing page which World of Content used to present themselves accordingly. The landing page fits the corporate identity and is optimized for conversion. Thanks to technical optimizations content is well found by search engines like Google. Results of the website are being measured so it can be improved iteratively.

Designing a landing page
Next step

Ready for the next step

Today, the first product version of the custom portal is released and the technical structure has been optimized for further expansion. We like to think along with the customer. Not only in the technical field, but also in terms of sales strategy. We helped set up an optimal demo for potential customers and advised in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

Dashboarding and statistics example

Dutch Coding Company understood our business model in no time and was able to translate it into technical solutions. I got to know Dutch Coding Company as a company where the wishes of the customer take center stage and am very satisfied with the end result.

Koen Looijmans

CEO at World of Content

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