With an eye focused to the future INNOVATEST is a leading innovator in the field of hardness testing machines. They create and develop new techniques that set forth new standards in mechanical, digital and optical terrain for modern and efficient hardness testing.

The question

A request by INNOVATEST was to have an app as a complementary service to simplify the most complicated hardness calculations from many industries in the hardness testing field. As INNOVATEST is operating worldwide the app will make the life of its users so much easier. By selecting the Standard and then selecting the right Table with values you wish to have your input value converted to. You can easily add multiple Outputs and then click ‘Convert’ to convert to the values.

Our answer

To develop the app, we have used Flutter as a framework to build the app for both iOS and Android. What made this case a bit different from others is that the converter and calculations implementations are done locally. As each value is taken from an internationally certified standard, we have implemented these standards and its values into the app.
Scale Converter

Not only does the app make it easy for its users to convert any hardness values into the scale needed. It also calculates Diagonals and Tolerances for you.  


Not only does the app make it easy for its users to convert any hardness values into the scale needed. It also calculates Diagonals and Tolerances for you. 

Flutter Dart

We have received the Standards from INNOVATEST however this was written in C#, a programming language we do not use for building mobile apps. In order to make use of the provided information, we had to transform this into the programming language Dart, which we use in our mobile development. Due to the large amount of lines and columns, we have written a script which would translate all information into Dart, saving us a lot of time and effort to rewrite every single line. 


As initially decided on, INNOVATEST did not want to be dependent on the backend for conversions and calculations. The main reason really is that these calculations and standards do not change within short times and do not have to be performed within the backend.

The backend of the app is mostly used to load products. Aside from converting and calculating inputs into the desired output value we also implemented a product overview, which are available on the website of INNOVATEST. The products shown within the app are Hardness testers and Consumables. Accompanied by the functionality of seeing AR models of the product we have made sure through thorough testing that these ARs are shown correctly through the camera view of a mobile device. 

Together with  Dutch Coding Company we were able to realize exactly the app we had in mind. Even our idea of incorporating Augmented Reality into the app was no problem at all. This worked perfectly! Thanks in the part of the flexible and proactive attitude of Job and Stijn, amongst others, minor issues were quickly resolved. We are therefore very proud of the end result!

Mike Bijlmakers

Multimedia Designer

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