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i-team co-botic 65

In collaboration with the experts of i-team global and the mobile robotics team of Avular, we have developed an industrial solution for cleaning machines that can operate autonomously. The co-bot (a robot that collaborates with humans) is controlled via the Android native app with a super clear interface.

Nick Verbeet - Projectmanager
Nick Verbeet
Sanne Berkhout - Designer
Sanne Berkhout
Job Guldemeester


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Goals achieved

  • Met a super tight deadline before the client's tradeshow presentation
  • The app is used by cleaners worldwide


Native Android, Kotlin

Co-botics: cleaning in the present day

The difference between a robot and a co-bot is the collaboration between human and machine. A robot is built to function fully autonomously and at a safe distance from people. A co-bot, on the other hand, is developed to work responsibly with people in the same space.

The co-botic 65 is an industrial cleaning machine that can efficiently and autonomously clean large floor surfaces. While the co-botic 65 does the heavy lifting, the machine operator can focus on detailed work, such as cleaning small corners. By working in this way, cleaning companies can save at least 50% of cleaning time.

simple interface

A user-friendly app

All that innovative technology would clearly fail to achieve its objective without a good interface. Although the co-bot can also be manually controlled, we have made sure that you can set the autonomous features with a handy app.

iteam android app

Innovative and inspiring: i-team Global

i-team Global is a market leader in the development of high-end cleaning machines and products. By collecting user feedback, studying cleaning methods, and examining the complexity of their own machines, i-team is able to rapidly innovate their product range. Additionally, they inspire others to think outside the box with their research-oriented attitude.

Avular and the world of mobile robotics

Avular is an expert in mobile robotics. Their team of engineers has equipped the i-drive scrubber with sensors and an intelligent "robot brain". These innovations make the i-drive a co-bot, a cleaning machine that can operate completely autonomously. The powerful sensors ensure that the co-bot is aware of what is happening in the environment, preventing collisions with people or objects.


A unique collaboration

Such a complex piece of technology requires multiple areas of expertise. The co-botic 65 has therefore been developed in close collaboration between i-team, Avular, and Dutch Coding Company. By combining in-depth knowledge of the cleaning industry, innovative hardware, and solid software development expertise, we have been able to create a more effective way of cleaning.

Technical integration

The technical approach in the development of an app depends on the hardware, IT landscape, and required data. The fact that the co-botic 65 is used in various environments presented us with a technical challenge. To ensure that the connection remains stable in all circumstances, we opted for a direct connection between the app and the board computer. As soon as the app is opened, a WiFi connection is established with the robot brain and the app remains in constant contact with the co-bot.

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