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Canon Campus Print

Mobile application for direct printing

The question

Canon Netherlands is a leader in innovation and development of intelligent printing systems. With their in-house developed app, users could already send print jobs to the nearest printer on their campus, university or college. Canon asked us: can you develop an app in the short term that communicates flawlessly with our intelligent printing service, and adapts its looks to the corporate identity of our customer?

Our answer

An app with one goal: to print files quickly and efficiently. The underlying complex printing process is fully integrated and invisible to the user. The look-and-feel automatically adapts to the corporate identity of the educational institution or organization, creating an optimal User Experience and a familiar environment for the user. To ensure that Canon remains at the forefront, we are continuously developing and improving the app. With new features and updates, we make sure that students and employees continue to keep the best printing experience now and in the future.
Adaptive design

Custom app for each campus

The Canon Printing app is fully integrated into existing campus environments such as uniFLOW and the Canon Campus portal. Users can log in with their existing campus account. When starting the app for the first time, users are requested to log in once and select their environment. After that, it remembers the input for easy and quick use of the app. Mobile payment support makes it easy to pay, after which you can collect your print job from any Canon printer on campus or in the organization.

Custom app for each campus
Flutter app development

Multi-platform app development using Google’s Flutter

Normally, an app is developed specifically for Android and and for iOS, as they use a different codebase by default. The new campus print app is built with Flutter, Google's multi-platform UI toolkit. By working with this relatively new development platform, we have created an app that is available from one codebase for both Android and iOS. Developing apps with Flutter not only saves time and costs, but also provides a more universal user experience on iOS and Android. In addition, new functionalities can be developed faster and more efficiently

De Canon Campus print-app gemaakt in Flutter
Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company

Glenn Bergmans

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