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Martijn Imhoff - Developer Dutch Coding CompanyMartijn Imhoff
April 29, 2021

Fast-forward into the future with a design sprint

If you could jump into a time machine and travel a few months into the future to see how your digital product idea turned out. Would you do it?

Well, with a design sprint you, sort of, can! We don’t actually sell time machines, but by doing a design sprint you’ll answer the most important business questions in a short amount of time. Don’t take our word for it. Design Sprints are developed and advocated by Google. Instead of going through a full development cycle for a new product, we go from rough sketch to a tested prototype in just a few days.

Design sprint before product development

Before we start developing a digital product, we often recommend doing a design sprint first. By testing and receiving market feedback early on, the products we create offer more value to the end users because we know the most important features and we know how to design the product in such a way that users will love it.

How does a design sprint work?

A regular development cycle consists of four phases: ideation, building, launching and learning. With a design sprint we skip the building and launching parts and instead go directly to the learning part. This is done in a short amount of time to pressure-cook innovation.

How long does a design sprint take?

Depending on your needs, the process takes three to five days with a small team of about five people. We can bring some of these experts, but at least two people have to come from your organisation in order to keep a good balance. By doing a design sprint you’ll compress months of design work into a few days, before you invest a lot of time and money into hiring programmers.

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Design sprint: fast-forward into the future

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