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To help you get started by developing your own app, we developed an App Development Canvas. Our App Development Canvas provides insight into your concept for a mobile or web application. This way you can easily check whether your idea has added value and meets the expectations of your target audience.

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Understanding ideas with the App Development Canvas

Make sure there is a demand for your app. You have a great idea for an app and maybe even a fancy app design. Cool, that's where it starts! We are happy to help you a step further. Our App Development Canvas gives you insight into the who, what and why. This way you can determine who the (end) user of your app is, which technology is most suitable and which functionalities are required.

Determine who (or what) can contribute to make the app a success. What can you do yourself and for which activities do you want to engage someone? Consider app developers and app designers for the development of your app, and investors and in-app partners to cover the costs. Our App Development Canvas shows you who your key partners are and what input they can provide. This way, app development can be faster, more effective and more successful.

Know your (end)user. Keep that in mind and then make a selection of app testers who represent your target group. They can give you valuable feedback about the user experience (UX) of your app. This way you can ensure that your app perfectly meets the expectations of your users. 

What is your budget? Think about what is most important to your app. An app to better serve your customers? Define a WOW customer experience! Developing a healthcare platform? A GDPR-proof app with optimal security! By listing your wishes for functionality, design and security in our App Development Canvas, you get a realistic picture of the costs. 

Last but not least: What is your revenue model? You now have clear why, what and who. But what is important to you? Make a better world, get rich while sleeping or leave a lasting impression? Whatever your goal, you want to recoup the costs. In our App Development Canvas you can determine your revenue model and what is needed to achieve your goals.

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What can I do with this app development canvas? 

... and is it really free?

We like to work according to the Lean Startup method: less effort, high-impact. From initial idea to high-end app in no time. Our App Development Canvas, inspired by Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas, fits in perfectly with this. Put your ideas quickly in writing, so you can get your hands on what really matters: developing a (mobile) app or web application.

The app developers of Dutch Coding Company know how to develop successful apps. We have successfully launched numerous app concepts. The development of these (custom) web applications, native apps and hybrid apps have made us understand what is needed for successful apps. This know-how is valuable not only to us, but to anyone who wants to develop an app. Knowledge sharing is the ultimate form of learning. This is how we can build innovative digital products together. Our app developers from Eindhoven have developed the App Development Canvas, so that you can easily validate your app design ideas.

Take it up a notch? If you have completed the App Development Canvas, you now can validate the Business Model Canvas in all 9 areas. It gives you quick insight into where your opportunities lie and what needs to be worked on. You can use the canvas for developing new apps or as a marketing strategy for your existing apps. Just like our App Development Canvas, you can download The Business Development Canvas for free.

In our comprehensive guide you can find all the information about App Development and how to use our canvases to develop a successful application.

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