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Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding CompanyGlenn Bergmans
September 8, 2023

10th edition of CHECKOUT dev meetup

At the end of the COVID crisis, we were all longing back to more human interaction. It was at this time, Dutch Coding Company initiated CHECKOUT: a casual meetup for everyone working in Digital, to meet, connect and learn. It was a hit, and likeminded software companies in Eindhoven joined the initiative! The 10th edition is in two weeks, so it’s time for some nostalgia! 

The gezelligste dev meetup in Eindhoven

The format is simple: we host a meetup at some company location in Eindhoven, starting with a short inspirational talk. Could be anything: we’ve seen things ranging from UX to cyber security. After the keynote, there are pizza and drinks. This way we create new friendships and strengthen the Eindhoven digital community. That’s why it’s our mission to be the gezelligste dev meetup in Eindhoven!

Eindhoven’s digital community

There is no place for design and technology like Eindhoven. With some of the brightest and most creative minds in the country, Eindhoven is the heart of innovation. However, the community was fragmented and didn’t have regular meetups spanning across different companies, disciplines and stacks. That’s a shame, because there is so much we can learn from each other.

With CHECKOUT, we’ve set ourselves the goal to create a place for digital creators from all different backgrounds, technologies and companies to meet. In fact, CHECKOUT is free and open to everyone who wishes to join (we’ve even have occasional visitors from far outside Eindhoven). How we got this to work? Because we didn’t do it alone. Over the past 10 editions, we’ve held meetups at Eventix, Foreside, Byont, OWOW, and Studyportals. It’s super much fun to see the different places in Eindhoven where the digital innovation is created.

Keynote speakers

10 editions also means we’ve had 10 keynotes. Each keynote was given by someone who has worked on an awesome digital project. Topics were diverse, as to spark some new creativity and provide an interesting topics of discussion for the remainder of the evening.

These were our speakers:

  1. Hidde Schultze: Coronamelder app
  2. Zeno Kapitein: Interfaces that adapt to user skills
  3. Jan Jaap de Groot: Accessibility in mobile apps
  4. Jean-Paul Sablerone: Cyber security 4.0
  5. Thomas & Dees: Microservices
  6. Mia Mirecki: End-User Programming
  7. Andrew Rutgers: IoT Protocols for EV charging
  8. Zep Fietje: HTML (instead of JSON) API’s
  9. Tom Kruijsbergen: Custom Search Algorithms
  10. Evelyn van der Burg: Gamification for Positive Impact

Let’s do 10 more CHECKOUT events, and then another 10

We’ve seen more people join every event and are hoping to continue connecting the Eindhoven digital community. However, we want to grow a bit more so we can connect the community even better. Of course, we’re still looking for interesting keynote speakers who’ll pull a crowd, and most importantly more likeminded organisations that want to host a meetup (feel free to contact stdin@checkout.events).

Wanna join?

The 10th edition is at September 22, hosted at Microlab.


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