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Need help with the software engineering of your digital product? Then you’re good with Dutch Coding Company! As experts in software engineering, we devise, design and realize successful software solutions in no time. We know the ins and outs of technology and design and are happy to think along with you about the right solution for your software project. We develop custom software: from hyper scalable platforms to innovative apps.


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High-end custom software products - technology tailored to your needs.



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High-quality apps for iPhone and Android - custom made for you.



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Hyper scalable cloud platforms - optimize business processes and serve customers even better.

Agile scrum developers

Agile Mindset

Our development team works according to the Lean Agile method. This is how we ensure that your digital product is developed properly and quickly. As a product owner you remain closely involved, so that you always know what is going on.

Specialists in the field of security and privacy

Compliant & Secure

We know how important security is, better than anyone. We can say with certainty that we market your product GDPR-proof and secured - and keep it that way! Confidential business information therefore is completely safe with us.

24/7 service

Time for champagne!

Champagne at the launch of your digital product? Yes! Errors after release? No! We ensure that your app continues to perform optimally and has little or no downtime.

Glenn Bergmans, business director Dutch Coding Company
Hi I'm Glenn. Business Director at Dutch Coding Company
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