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We help you from idea to realization. How we do that? Continue to read about how we are more than just your service provider.

With customer experience (Customer Experience or CX) you can distinguish and enter into a long-term customer relationship. Our definition of Customer Experience is the customer experience in all interactions throughout the Customer Journey. We try to understand your deep motivations and offer an experience that matches them. Get in touch with us, and we'll walk you through!

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Your partner in software engineering?

Do you have a ground-breaking innovative idea for app development, web app development or platform development and would you like additional advice from a strategic partner with expertise in software engineering? We are the agency who thinks along and support you in determining your strategic objective and your idea. Not certain yet whether you want to have your app developed with React Native or Flutter Framework? With our expertise in software engineering, we can definitely provide you with our advice in what we think would fit best with your business case.

Before we get to work, we naturally want to get to know you and see if there is a natural connection. We therefore always invite you over for a nice cup of coffee. If we see possibilities during our first meet, to help you from idea to realization, we will check whether we have received enough information from you at that time to kickstart our collaboration. Sometimes it turns out that we require more input and will ask you to provide. Next to that we will also take a look at what we think will be a good starting point for take off.


What is your best-fitting starting point?

Is the idea you have still in an early phase and not fully thought out yet? Together with you, we make an inventory of where you stand and from there onwards we can advise you on how we can get started.

There are a number of starting points we can use, one of them being the Design Sprint. The Design Sprint is a Design Thinking method from Google Ventures to validate (digital) products at lightning speed. With the Design Sprint method you go from idea to realization in 5 days, and you can quickly explore the ideas and validate them directly with users. After the Design Sprint you will have a clear idea of ​​what is needed for a successful launch of your digital product.

In case you already know which functionalities are needed, skipping out the exploration phase and starting immediately with app or web development would be a step we can take. With a quickly realized prototype, you can still perform a user test and, if necessary, we can optimize your digital product.

One of the other methods is a Proof of Concept (PoC). It is an activity to test the design, idea or assumption you have. The main purpose of developing a PoC is to investigate the functionality and verify a particular concept or theory that can be achieved in the further development of the product.

The theoretical sequence is: first a Proof of Concept, then a Prototype, then a pilot and then a Minimum Viable Product.

From a strategic point of view, we always look at long-term goals for optimal results. After we have agreed on what our starting point will be, we will get started on the development!


Let's work together!

After a written agreement on our proposal made for you, we will plan the implementation together with our team. What does this mean? Internally, we schedule our team members who will work on the project. As the project is running, we always keep the agreed milestones in mind to deliver a high-quality product. Throughout the entire process, our project manager ensures clear, transparent and frequent communication about progress and hours worked.


Delivery is done, now what's next?

The project has been completed, your product has been delivered and meets the requirements that have been discussed and confirmed beforehand. Time for champagne! We like to celebrate our successes with you, but what is next? During the development phase there was regular contact between you and us and we now know each other well enough to know what we can mean to each other.

Are there any nice features on your roadmap that you would like to discuss with us? Then we are talking about product expansion. We will always be there as a strategic partner and open to new ideas you are having.

For further development of the digital product, we will partially go through the customer journey again. As we already know each other and have developed a product, it is not surprising that the journey will be shorter 😉. We know your product to such an extent that any desired expansion starts with the preparation phase and so on again followed by estimation, agreement on proposal and ultimately the execution of the project. A strategic relationship between you and Dutch Coding Company will proceed further!

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