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Portfolio 2021

Portfolio 2021

January 12, 2022 Renée Oosterveen - Marketing intern 5 min

Did you have a great start into 2022 yet? While we are working on amazing new projects, it is always a great satisfaction to have a look back on finished app projects. Celebrating wins are good for the team spirit, don’t you think?

Are you now wondering what finished app projects I am talking about? You may have read about it in our Portfolio booklet already (if not, keep on reading, for a little download surprise 😉).

Peek a boo, Portfolio 2021!

While it is not only great to look back and take a breather to see how far we’ve come as a team. The portfolio is carefully assembled containing projects, case studies, and information about Dutch Coding Company. In addition, it’s one of the best ways to express our personality, experience, and capabilities to you.

Your strategic partner

Dutch Coding Company is a rapidly growing web and app development agency located in Eindhoven. We help ambitious organizations and start-ups to design, develop and improve digital products and services. With our expertise in software engineering, we are a valuable strategic partner for you. We take you from idea to realization.

As we excel in creating effortless interaction between humans and complex applications, we also aim for a world in which every digital interface is an awesome experience to the user! 

Our expertise in the usage of Flutter Framework provides us a strong cross-platform UI toolkit for developing native-quality iOS, Android apps. Whether your needs are simple or complicated, our team of talented experts ensures the delivery of your envisioned project. 

Are you aware that you can get the best out of the UX through fast-loading, convenient and reliable web application? It should have smooth and intuitive interactions with your audience. Our Front-end development focuses on exactly that with tech Vue.js providing the perfect framework to power sophisticated yet outstanding single-page applications.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Yes, cliché you may think, but if it’s a statement it can only be verified 😉. The ambitious team of Dutch Coding Company is full of passion and thinks in solutions. With passion for our profession and understanding of the digital world, we can tell you all about technology, share with you our experience in design and provide digital impact. As team we always strive to grow and we believe that challenging app development requests bring out the best in us.

You can read all about our approaches and project delivery in our portfolio.

Dutch Coding Company team

Moving on in 2022!

After reviewing 2021, an amazing year full of astonishing projects, we enter 2022 with some fresh pair of eyes. We continue to be the golden team and your strategic partner.

As we put our Flutter knowledge and know-how in play we surely hope to see you soon, around the table with innovative digital ideas!

Should you not have received a copy on your doormat yet, mail us at info@dutchcodingcompany.com and leave your address behind so we can send you the booklet, or Download here our digital portfolio.

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